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Great Women of God Abroad is a national association, a subsidiary of the Christian Women’s Leadership Exchange was created to serve the needs of female Christian leaders as they serve and minister for the Kingdom of God; through Modern social media techniques, resources and true hospitality.


BASICALLY, if you are a female Pastor, Apostle, Prophetess, Minister, Priest, Ministry Leader, Missionary, Prayer Warrior, Psalmist, Intercessors, Clergy Wives, Christian Counselors or any leadership position of the Christian Faith, then Great Women of God Abroad has been created just for YOU!


MISSION: to be a haven of accommodations for Women of God where Kingdom principles reign. 


VISION: Provide genuine care, comfort, and servant hood of Women of God as they journey the nations and serve the Kingdom!


Meaning, we can SEE our members contacting one another by email, Facebook, the various forms of social media and traditional communication for assistance while they travel to/visit other parts of the nation for the call of ministry. Assistance meaning rides from the airport, discounts for hotel accommodations, real housing accommodations from members that have additional living quarters, tour guides, knowledge and referrals to resources such as book stores, dining recommendations; volunteer armor bearers; Online Bible and prayer line availability on websites; contacts with musicians; eventually knowledge of space availability to hold events all offered by fellow members right where you are! Each one of us is a resource to another leader. Serve with gladness and receive the same care when you visit another town. Use GWGA in preparation for your ministry travels to contact/connect with other Leaders!


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